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We believe in building long term relationships rather than giving one off pieces of advice. This means we can see the whole picture, establishing both short and long term goals. As we see it, financial and retirement planning is not a sprint, it's a long distance run, and we're with you for the duration.

Mrs B, Bristol

I like the fact that at our reviews, I feel I am discussing my affairs with a well-informed friend rather than a staid financial institute. I like receiving sensible uncomplicated suggestions to improve my situation and the fact that I am not badgered to make immediate decisions

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Dividends and Pension Contributions

By Hilary Carden on in Pensions

In the current tax year ending 5th April 2017 the annual pension contribution limit (known as the Annual Allowance) is £40,000. For many people, this limit won’t worry them.  And if you want to pay a large amount into your pension scheme, you may be able to use unused allowances from up to three previous […]

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Inheritance Tax-Free Assets of £1 Million – How Does it Work?

By Hilary Carden on in Planning

Recently I’ve had a few conversations with people who thought that they didn’t have to worry about Inheritance Tax planning any more. ‘Something to do with a million pounds…’ To remind you, Inheritance Tax is a one off tax paid on your estate (ie all your assets) over £325,000. This is called the nil-rate band and […]

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July is Eventful

By Hilary Carden on in Investment

July was certainly an unusually eventful month for the UK! Still coming to terms with the BREXIT vote to leave the EU, political upheaval in both the major parties and, not only a new Prime Minister, but a female Prime Minister! Eighty-eight years after women got equal voting rights (2 July 1928). Theresa May has […]

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Market Views: Post Brexit vote

By Hilary Carden on in Investment

Opinion polls having veered between ‘in’ or ‘out’ during the Brexit campaign, most experts and the media were caught out by the marginal ‘out’ vote result. The value of sterling relative to the US dollar and the euro had been under pressure throughout the campaign. Initially it fell further although there has been some recovery […]

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