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Hilary Carden

Dividends and Pension Contributions

By Hilary Carden on 1st December 2016 in Pensions

In the current tax year ending 5th April 2018 the annual pension contribution limit (known as the Annual Allowance) is £40,000. For many people, this limit won’t worry them.  And if you want to pay a large amount into your pension scheme, you may be able to use unused allowances from up to three previous […]

employer pension contributions

Employer Pension Contributions for a Company Director

By Hilary Carden on 17th March 2017 in Life

Are you a director/shareholder and your employer is your trading company? If so, you might receive your income in the form of salary and dividend. As explained in our article Dividends and Pension Contributions this may restrict your personal pension contributions more than you want. Employer Contributions Employer contributions are not limited to earnings, unlike […]


At a Glance Personal Taxation 2017/18

By Matt Eldridge on 11th March 2017 in Investment

For a free copy of our Personal Taxation 2017/18 Infographic click on the link below: Download the Free Guide Download the Free Guide

Cardens Spring Budget 2017

‘Spreadsheet Phil’ delivers his first and last Spring Budget

By Hilary Carden on 10th March 2017 in Investment

Before he stood up, punters could have obtained long odds about witnessing a wise-cracking ‘Spreadsheet Phil’, as he has become known, standing at the despatch box (the joke-o-meter registered seven during his hour-long address). But beyond the laughs from the government benches combined with Opposition scowls, the Chancellor sent out some fairly serious messages. For […]


How to Reduce Investment Risk [video]

By Hilary Carden on 10th March 2017 in Investment

If you are holding a lot of cash at the moment you might be concerned that it’s just dribbling away… Especially if it’s a nest egg for the future that you won’t need for a while. But.  Taking the plunge and investing it might feel a bit worrying. Especially with all the ‘stuff’ going on in […]

Star Wars

Star Wars Night Out

By Hilary Carden on 23rd December 2016 in Life

Tuesday night was Star Wars night. We took the whole family plus two partners to see the new film ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’. Our Christmas treat. And with tickets, cocktails, popcorn, sweets and then dinner at Wagamama’s afterwards, certainly not a cheap night out… I used to be a bit take it or […]

Hilary Carden

Anticipating makes you Happier

By Hilary Carden on 14th December 2016 in Life

Research has shown that anticipating something can be a powerful and positive emotion. It can even help us feel happier about our lives. The problem is, that if you own a small business you’re probably anticipating what you have to do today, this week, this month. And you might be thinking to yourself that it’s […]


Christmas Jumper, Spending and our Magazine

By Hilary Carden on 12th December 2016 in Life

It’s beginning to feel a bit like Christmas. The Cardens Christmas tree will be decorated this week. Even Toby is excited about wearing his Christmas jumper. Most people are more pre-occupied with spending than saving this time of year. This means we have a chance to catch up with work, get organised and plan for […]


Do you have a Plan B?

By Hilary Carden on 7th December 2016 in Life

The Cardens household has definitely gone into ‘hibernation’ mode. Getting everyone up and out takes twice as long as usual on these dark, cold December mornings. Even the dog, normally keen to rid the garden of all squirrels and pigeons, is hesitant to step out into the frost covered garden. And it’s been a bit […]


This week at Cardens

By Hilary Carden on 5th December 2016 in Life

With the end of the year and fourth quarter rapidly approaching, we’re gearing up for a review of our investment policies. This means we’ll be looking carefully at asset allocation and the funds we use in portfolios and making a decision on any changes for 2017. We’re working with three directors of a very successful […]