If you’re looking for a ‘do it yourself’ financial service then you might as well stop reading now because that’s not us.


We work with a small number of clients and we like it that way. We’re a friendly team and genuinely interested in them, their life and their family. Understanding what’s important to them, enables us to deliver real value through refreshingly straightforward advice and effective strategies.


The best way to find out more about our services and how we work with our clients is to book a free discovery call.


If it looks like we’re still a good match for each other, we’ll set up a ‘Let’s Get Started’ meeting, at our offices in Bristol. Or via video call if preferred. Again, this first meeting is provided without charge.

We understand that once you make a decision to go ahead you just want to get on with it. We feel exactly the same.


Which is why we’ve designed our Initial Review and Advice Service to start and finish within 6-8 weeks.

By the end of that time we’ll both have a clear picture of where you are now and where you want to get to. And, of course, not forgetting one of the main reasons you engaged us in the first place; our recommendations and advice on what to do and how to do it.

Two things happen next…



you’re busy, so we provide a ‘done for you’ Implementation Service. We’ll put in place any strategies, plans and portfolios that we’ve recommended, keeping you in the loop with our weekly updates.


we’ll move you to our Ongoing Support and Advice Service. The level of service you choose will depend on the complexity of your finances and the one to one time you want or need from us.

Obviously, this is just a brief summary. We’ll explain it all in lots more detail at our ‘Let’s Get Started’ meeting.

We’ll only start work once we have agreed our services and charges with you. We’ll give you our Client Agreement to sign, which will confirm your service and how much it will cost.


The Cardens Promise:

we want to work with clients that want to work with us – so we don’t lock you in to any long term contract and you can end our agreement at any time, without penalty. We’ll only charge you for any work that we’ve done for you up to that time.