Why is Money Important? [Video]

You’ve probably noticed lots of E-mails, and articles, and ads recently encouraging you to ‘start early’ and make sure that you pay your ISA contributions and/or pension contributions.

Pensions and ISAs are great products and very tax efficient, but in my experience people really don’t like having plans and products pushed at them. So much so that it can sometimes put them off getting help with some proper financial planning. That’s not good.

The thing is, traditionally financial advisors start by focusing on your facts and figures – your plans and assets and liabilities and income and expenditure. It’s all about the numbers.

Our philosophy is life planning before financial planning.

What do I mean by this? Well, on paper your assets might look the same as many other people.

But what makes us different is how we answer this question:

Ask yourself: Why is money important to me?

Your answer to that question will start to form the basis of your financial plan.

An common initial response will be “Security.” But that’s too easy, try to go a bit deeper. Why is security important to you? Nope, that’s too easy. What exactly does it mean?

For example, it might mean knowing that you can stop working if you want to. It might mean helping your kids to buy their first home. It might mean travelling around South America or the world.

That’s where proper financial planning starts.

So start with why money is important to you, and what you want to spend it on, that’s the fun part after all!


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